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World building versus Winging it.

worldbuildingA lot of my writing time at the moment is focused on world building for the sci-fi setting I’m working on for my stories.

The world/setting information will likely end up being far longer than anything I’m likely to write based on it (1), but then the question that comes to mind is “Why?”(2)

Mostly for consistency.

And oddly, some inspiration.

Knowing how I want the Faster than light travel to work (3) – basing it on some extrapolated real-world physics, and frankly a little bit of the Space-fold drives from Macross(4) throws up a few ideas for incidents.

Oddly, also putting some thought into how the spacesuits work has also added a few potential complications…. For example, if the suits have nanotech filters for breathing gas and umm… bodily waste….. in case the wearers finds themselves adrift in space… what would happen if they forgot a catheter? (5)

These are just little bits that pop up as I’m typing out ideas, even before I’ve started putting serious thought into them.

Yes, I could go ahead and start working on stories with only the barest of setting information and add more detail as I go(6) and no doubt I will get to a point where I’m happy enough to start working on stories, and add more/change more as I go and incidents happen. But for now, I’m happy world building, I think it’s just how I’m wired.

Winging it is something I’m not always that great with – yet at the same time I know once I’ve got the setting details down, I can wing it and come up with a fair amount of stuff almost on the fly. (7)

But not yet.

What are your thoughts on world building versus winging it?



  1. I’m always a little curious on how big the setting information is for something like Frank Herbert’s “Dune” series
  2. And occasionally, “Who are you?” “How did you get in here?” and “Please stop doing that to me”
  3. Other than “They go real fast”
  4. Because it’s Macross, and I’ve loved that series for *ahem* years now…. and Dammit…. checking the link reminded me I still need to find a Sub or Dub version of Macross Delta on DVD…
  5. Thank one of our cats for THAT particular mental image….. He’s had a catheter in for the last week 🙂
  6. I’m sure that’s how Sir Terry Pratchett did it – starting with the basic ideas and building from there… if you’ve read the series you’ll know the levels of detail by the end. Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to ask him now.
  7. I know the Warhammer 40k background damn well and can come up with bits for that quite easily, but at the same time I don’t feel much like writing fiction based in that universe – at least, not at the moment.

Chapter titles – an exercise

So I’ve tried a new writing exercise today.


Nope…. not this…..


Rather it was from “Now Write! Science fiction, Fantasy and Horror”  in the section by Diego Valenzuela.

In a nutshell it was to place your music library on shuffle (assuming that your in the modern era and have it on your PC/Ipod/whatever) and write the title of each song that comes along as a chapter title – missing out some that really, really don’t work (1)

What you end up with is a list of chapter titles, that may initially look random as balls, BUT with a bit of extrapolating of ideas based on the titles could give you the basis of an interesting plot.

The list I came up with?

  • Chapter 1 Spiritwalker
  • Chapter 2 Six feet under
  • Chapter 3 Reich Mir die Hand
  • Chapter 4 Arising hero
  • Chapter 5 Ready to Go
  • Chapter 6 Cry Little Sister
  • Chapter 7 Tower of Strength
  • Chapter 8 This Corrosion
  • Chapter 9 At the End of it all
  • Chapter 10 Futile
  • Chapter 11 The Lost Children
  • Chapter 12 Sent to Destroy
  • Chapter 13 All the Small things
  • Chapter 14 The Kill
  • Chapter 15 Scarred
  • Chapter 16 Adrenaline
  • Chapter 17 Today we are Demons
  • Chapter 18 Ritual Noise
  • Chapter 19 All Pain is gone
  • Chapter 20 Wasteland
  • Chapter 21 Deliverance
  • Chapter 22 Psychocult
  • Chapter 23 the thing that should not be
  • Chapter 24 Can I play with Madness
  • Chapter 25 Battery
  • Chapter 26 New form of silence
  • Chapter 27 The Oxidising Angel
  • Chapter 28 Kill on Command
  • Chapter 29 Get out of my head
  • Chapter 30 No Afterparty

Already It’s poking ideas of a dark/supernatural/horror story (2)

Might have to take it further one day


  1. Pong and  Super Space invaders by Eisenfunk were two examples I skipped 🙂 )
  2. Not sure what this says about my playlist in honesty


Umm.. hello… again…..

Wow… 4 years. Thats a lot of tumbleweeds(1) to clean out..


Where have I been?

Mostly not in a good place. Mental health problems combined with (in hindsight) medication that wasn’t doing its job and a fair few other factors has basically made it all a mess so I basically withdrew from just about everything while we effectively rebuilt(3)


Over the past few years I’ve started cosplay now, and we have moved to a different larp system & faction (4). Add in purchasing a(5) 3D printer, I’ve been slowly working on getting my creativity levels back up

Cosplay-wise, I’ve also admitted to myself one of my big fandoms – I’ve got a beautiful photo from Bottletop photography of the first outing at last year’s local comic-con



The overall result of this, plus the lull in the Larp season for winter is basically why I’m coming back to working on my writing again.

So there we are. I’m not saying I’ll post loads of stuff, but the idea is the blog gives me a bit of a kick for writing.





  1. Finding an image for this google gave me this link I have to admit, that reading the first couple of lines that google showed I was half expecting a horror movie(2)
  2. Well.. B movie along the lines of Attack of the killer tomatoes
  3. So,, if you haven;t had any experience of mental health problems this won’t make much sense. Tough. 🙂
  4. These Guys. Being “evil” rocks 🙂
  5. Well 2 as so many plans 🙂