Scribblings of a shaved monkey with a keyboard

Umm.. hello… again…..

Wow… 4 years. Thats a lot of tumbleweeds(1) to clean out..


Where have I been?

Mostly not in a good place. Mental health problems combined with (in hindsight) medication that wasn’t doing its job and a fair few other factors has basically made it all a mess so I basically withdrew from just about everything while we effectively rebuilt(3)


Over the past few years I’ve started cosplay now, and we have moved to a different larp system & faction (4). Add in purchasing a(5) 3D printer, I’ve been slowly working on getting my creativity levels back up

Cosplay-wise, I’ve also admitted to myself one of my big fandoms – I’ve got a beautiful photo from Bottletop photography of the first outing at last year’s local comic-con



The overall result of this, plus the lull in the Larp season for winter is basically why I’m coming back to working on my writing again.

So there we are. I’m not saying I’ll post loads of stuff, but the idea is the blog gives me a bit of a kick for writing.





  1. Finding an image for this google gave me this link I have to admit, that reading the first couple of lines that google showed I was half expecting a horror movie(2)
  2. Well.. B movie along the lines of Attack of the killer tomatoes
  3. So,, if you haven;t had any experience of mental health problems this won’t make much sense. Tough. 🙂
  4. These Guys. Being “evil” rocks 🙂
  5. Well 2 as so many plans 🙂

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