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Chapter titles – an exercise

So I’ve tried a new writing exercise today.


Nope…. not this…..


Rather it was from “Now Write! Science fiction, Fantasy and Horror”  in the section by Diego Valenzuela.

In a nutshell it was to place your music library on shuffle (assuming that your in the modern era and have it on your PC/Ipod/whatever) and write the title of each song that comes along as a chapter title – missing out some that really, really don’t work (1)

What you end up with is a list of chapter titles, that may initially look random as balls, BUT with a bit of extrapolating of ideas based on the titles could give you the basis of an interesting plot.

The list I came up with?

  • Chapter 1 Spiritwalker
  • Chapter 2 Six feet under
  • Chapter 3 Reich Mir die Hand
  • Chapter 4 Arising hero
  • Chapter 5 Ready to Go
  • Chapter 6 Cry Little Sister
  • Chapter 7 Tower of Strength
  • Chapter 8 This Corrosion
  • Chapter 9 At the End of it all
  • Chapter 10 Futile
  • Chapter 11 The Lost Children
  • Chapter 12 Sent to Destroy
  • Chapter 13 All the Small things
  • Chapter 14 The Kill
  • Chapter 15 Scarred
  • Chapter 16 Adrenaline
  • Chapter 17 Today we are Demons
  • Chapter 18 Ritual Noise
  • Chapter 19 All Pain is gone
  • Chapter 20 Wasteland
  • Chapter 21 Deliverance
  • Chapter 22 Psychocult
  • Chapter 23 the thing that should not be
  • Chapter 24 Can I play with Madness
  • Chapter 25 Battery
  • Chapter 26 New form of silence
  • Chapter 27 The Oxidising Angel
  • Chapter 28 Kill on Command
  • Chapter 29 Get out of my head
  • Chapter 30 No Afterparty

Already It’s poking ideas of a dark/supernatural/horror story (2)

Might have to take it further one day


  1. Pong and  Super Space invaders by Eisenfunk were two examples I skipped 🙂 )
  2. Not sure what this says about my playlist in honesty



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