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Decisions & deadlines

I made a decision today(1) and a kick in the butt for my writing.

I find I work better with deadlines – I was one of those kids at school that would do very little until almost the last minute then slam something out. Not always the best way to do it(2) but it’s how I was back then.

Nowadays I kind of acknowledge I need a deadline and generally work before there are only a few days are left. I’ve been working on upgraded costume parts for my Ghostbusters outfit in time for “The Love of Sci Fi” in December, I’m starting to work on things for the Larp I’m helping run in March(3) and so I figured I needed a deadline for writing something substantial, otherwise I would probably procrastinate the time away.

It all started with a mail I received about Angry Robot books open door submission window. This opened yesterday and runs until December 31st 2017

2 months to write a novel from bare bone background information I hear you say(4).

Nope. Even I know that in my most hyper-caffeinated, sleep deprived, sugar hyped(5) state I wouldn’t be able to manage that(6).

I’m setting myself the goal of having something that I can submit for NEXT years open submission window.

Which gives me between 364 days and 424 days to get something done.

I’m sticking a countdown up in the sidebar for the (probable) close date of the 2018 submission window.

Here we go.



  1. No. Not whether the underwear goes on the outside or not. Apparently that’s not an option.
  2. 72 hours or so straight awake working on my final project back in college would suggest it was never my wisest choices.
  3. Last year thanks to a combination of factors we had a grand total of 2 months to get everything together for the last game we ran…. Managed it, but it wasn’t exactly fun towards the end.
  4. I know your there. I can hear your breathing.
  5. For those that know – kinda how I end up on a lot of Larp events/games
  6. And the day job might get a bit grumpy if I didn’t show up for two months

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